Management team

Alfonso Barreiro, CEO

Alfonso Barreiro is leading the company as a seasoned space sector professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the private sector. Alfonso has previously been responsible for strategic alliances in the space industry, launching satellite programs, service offerings and development of complex satellite systems solutions and missions.  He also brings to AAC a long experience of cooperation with leading European space primes, such as Airbus, Thales-Alenia, Leonardo and SSTL. Alfonso holds a bachelor’s degree in space technology from Northrop University in California and a master’s degree in space engineering from the Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Craig Clark, Founder and CSO

In his role as Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Craig brings an entrepreneurial edge and strategic vision for growth to the group.  Having founded Clyde Space in 2005, Craig established the company as a global leader in CubeSats, pioneering new technologies and products that have helped stimulate the growth of the small satellite market to reach the unprecedented numbers of current and planned missions we see today. Using experience gained over 23 years at the cutting edge of small satellite design and delivery, Craig will work with his management team colleagues to take the business forward as we look to maximise growth potential from the rapidly expanding small satellite market.

Mats Thideman, CFO & Deputy CEO

Mats Thideman is responsible for the Economy, Internet and Communication and Human resources at ÅAC. Mats have a substancial experience as CFO in rapid growing companies, both public and VC-owned enterprises. Mats have been appointed as CFO for Åkerströms, Image Systems (publ.), TracTechnology (publ.) and most recently Cortus Energy AB (publ.).

Iraklis Hatziathanasiou, VP Business Development Europe

Iraklis is leading the sales and business development efforts of the organisation in Europe. He is bringing more than 15 years’ experience of operational and technical leadership, combined with a proven track record in driving sustainable revenue gains in the small satellites sector.

Iraklis also maintains an advisory role with a number of European Commission departments as an independent expert.

Andrew Strain, CTO

Previously in the role of Chief Engineer at Clyde Space, Andrew has over a decade of small satellite design and delivery experience.  Andrew brings a broad range of relevant expertise to his new position of Chief Technology Officer including systems engineering, product development, manufacturing, project management, quality and business development.

Andrew Strain replaces Emil Vinterhav who has decided to leave the company. Emil’s last day of employment is 28 February 2018.

Mattias Örth, VP Project Management

Mattias Örth is responsible for the overall project management and the high level resource planning. Mattias has several years of experience in managing cross functional teams and product development projects as well as leading international collaborations.

Stefan Strålsjö, R&D Manager

Stefan Strålsjö has the operative responsibility for ÅACs development team and the assignment of project resources. Stefan has 15+ years of experience in developing and managing projects related to embedded systems in space, commercial and military applications.

F. Brent Abbott, CEO and VP Business Development AAC Microtec North America, Inc.

Brent Abbott is responsible for the operations and business development for the US office. Brent has substantial experience in the US space market including introducing foreign products and Intellectual Property. Brent has been in management roles for both Honeywell Defense and Space and most recently Surrey Satellite Technology US.

Mike Carey, Director AAC Microtec North America, Inc.

Mike Carey has extensive experience in space operations having held the position of CEO and President of AAC Microtec North America, Inc for the last three years, contributing to the company’s increased value and its parent company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Dec 2016.

A retired USAF general officer Mike led five operational space organizations and is visionary space industry leader. He is also a founder of ATLAS Space Operations, Inc., and advisor to several start-up space companies.