Management team

Phone: +46 70-5560973

Mats Thideman, CFO & acting CEO

Mats Thideman is responsible for the Economy, Internet and Communication and Human resources at ÅAC. Mats have a substancial experience as CFO in rapid growing companies, both public and VC-owned enterprises. Mats have been appointed as CFO for Åkerströms, Image Systems (publ.), TracTechnology (publ.) and most recently Cortus Energy AB (publ.).

Phone: +44 7500 934829

Iraklis Hatziathanasiou, VP Business Development Europe

Iraklis is leading the sales and business development efforts of the organisation in Europe. He is bringing more than 15 years’ experience of operational and technical leadership, combined with a proven track record in driving sustainable revenue gains in the small satellites sector. His formal qualifications include a Master’s degree in Electronic systems and a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering.

Iraklis also maintains an advisory role with a number of European Commission departments as an independent expert.

Phone: +46 70-7237032

Emil Vinterhav, CTO

As CTO, Emil Vinterhav leads ÅAC Microtec in selecting the way forward for the company in the product and technology aspects. Emil has 15+ years of engineering and management experience from the space industry where he has been active in the areas of mission analysis, systems engineering, satellite operations, attitude and orbit control systems and propulsion.

Emil is a member of the board of the Swedish Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as a member of the program council for the aerospace engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Phone: +46 70-4350524

Mattias Örth, VP Project Management

Mattias Örth is responsible for the overall project management and the high level resource planning. Mattias has several years of experience in managing cross functional teams and product development projects as well as leading international collaborations.

Phone: +46 70-2187400

Stefan Strålsjö, R&D Manager

Stefan Strålsjö has the operative responsibility for ÅACs development team and the assignment of project resources. Stefan has 15+ years of experience in developing and managing projects related to embedded systems in space, commercial and military applications.

Phone:+1 (650) 360-0402

Mike Carey, President and CEO, AAC Microtec North America, Inc.

Mike Carey has 30 years of experience in military space activities, and joined AAC Microtec in September 2014 after retiring from the USAF. General Carey is developing a market presence in the United States and Canada. AAC Microtec is partnered with NASA Ames Research Center, Air Force Research Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Assured Space Access Technologies, Wyle, Inc, and York Space.