The ÅAC Microtec MicroPol device is a radiation tolerant point of load DC/DC converter with built in protection features, designed and optimized for the requirements of telecom and science space missions. The MicroPol performance is ensured through use of radiation hardened semiconductors in combination with an extensive validation campaign and analysis performed during the design phase. The MicroPol device is designed in a hybrid package with integrated input and output protection circuits and filters. This approach results in a complete stand-alone solution and enables easy integration with a minimal set of external components.

Main features

• Efficient Point-of-Load converter with integrated
protection circuits
• Reduced system design cost with minimal set of
external components
• Small footprint with integrated protection circuitry
• Integrated latching current limiter (LCL) on input
• Integrated over voltage protection (OVP) on output
• Integrated L-C filters on input and output
• Short circuit protection
• On/Off control
• Soft start
• ITAR free design

Test, analysis and design

The successfully performed test campaign includes accelerated life test (500h, 125°C), total ionizing dose (TID, 50kRad) and electrical tests in full operating
temperature range. The design has been extensively analyzed including FMECA, WCA, parts stress, radiation analysis (TID, SEE), thermal and thermo mechanical analysis. The μPOL was designed and qualified with the support of an ESA ARTES programme and in compliance with the relevant electronics and hybrid ECSS standards. Analysis reports and test results are available on request.

Flight heritage

We are very proud of our flight heritage since we flew our avionics on the first mission back in 2009. Many successful flights have followed since then and many new are scheduled.

About ÅAC Microtec’s power subsystems

ÅAC Microtec has designed electrical power systems for a number of satellites such as TechEdSat-1, TechEdSat-3P, QuadSat and Risesat.

The electrical power systems are built around ÅAC Microtec’s modular power management unit design that can easily be combined and customized to fit the varying needs of different spacecraft. Power generation and storage equipment (solar arrays and batteries) are provided by established suppliers.

ÅAC Microtec is able to supply complete electrical power systems as subcontractor to the prime, or to provide power management products to the designers of electrical power systems.