Sirius OBC Development Kit

The Sirius OBC Development Kit features easy-to-use interfaces, facilitating the development phase and reducing overall development and project costs. The development kit includes a Sirius on-board computer with a RTEMS real-time operating system running on a FPGA based soft processor. This combination results in an outstanding on-board computer with high performance, resilience and reliability.

Main Features

  • Rapid development kit with easily accessible interfaces
  • Mains powered through a 12V adaptor
  • Ability to unplug the OBC unit and test it on a flatsat environment
  • Designed for desktop use with flight software environments
  • Reliable high-performance space data handling avionics
  • RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • 50 MHz soft processor
  • SpaceWire on-board data bus
  • Modular, nanosatellite compatible, mechanical design
  • Pulse commands for low level, basic commanding


The Sirius family of avionics provides a very focused solution to advanced nanosatellite constellations in LEO due to its focus on high reliability, resilience and performance. Fault tolerance is secured through TMR (Triple-Modular Redundancy) on all FPGA flip-flops and through boot flash and EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) on memories.

Rapid Development Environment

The development kit provides an easy to use desktop solution for development of the flight software in a relaxed and convenient environment. It enables software developers to interface with a personal computer, develop or modify the flight software and iterate as necessary. When ready, the OBC module can be removed from the development kit and plugged in the flat-sat environment for test and verification purposes. The development kit is powered through a mains 12V adaptor, eliminating the need for specialised power supplies or other laboratory equipment.

Flight heritage

We are very proud of our flight heritage since we flew our avionics on the first mission back in 2009. Many successful flights have followed since then and many new are scheduled.