Sirius C&DH

The Sirius C&DH (Command and Data Handling) system is developed and tailored to the requirements of the microsatellite market. It is qualified to fly on the Swedish national mission InnoSat designed for innovative lowcost research missions. The flexible and modular C&DH is designed for mission life of up to 5 years in LEO and features dual on-board computers (Sirius OBC) and a mass memory (Sirius TCM) that implements CCSDS standards for satellite link services, directly interfacing leading radio equipment and ground stations.

Main features

• Reliable high-performance space data handling avionics
• RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS) running on a 50 MHz soft processor
• Tolerant to single-event effects through Triple-Modular-Redundancy (TMR) and error-correcting codes (EDAC)
• SpaceWire on-board data bus
• 16 GB mass storage capacity
• S- and X-band transceiver interfaces
• CCSDS satellite link services
• ITAR free equipment
• Designed and qualified for five years in LEO
• Modular, nanosatellite compatible mechanical design
• Dependable technology for the microsatellite market

Modular design

The Sirius C&DH adopts a modular design approach which enables easy customization. Mission specific needs for processing, redundancy or interfacing can be easily addressed by adding or removing modules. The modules are interconnected with a SpaceWire data bus over a harness and run independently from each other. The system standard configuration includes two on-board computers (Sirius OBC) and one combined mass memory/solid-state recorder (Sirius TCM) with CCSDS TM/TC capability. The mass memory unit incorporates the essential software which is configurable to the mission needs.


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Flight heritage

We are very proud of our flight heritage since we flew our avionics on the first mission back in 2009. Many successful flights have followed since then and many new are scheduled.