Customisation Services

Many of the engineering problems that have to be overcome in space engineering are generic. These problems have been met with design solutions that have evolved to be more and more efficient over time. Many are adequately addressed while some remain to be addressed satisfactorily.

In ÅAC Microtec’s offer for mission optimization, solutions are offered that address problems on system level, either by integrated solutions to complex problems or by addressing old problems from a new perspective.

Mission planning and mission support

We offer mission requirements analysis, mission planning and support. We can help identify the most appropriate technical solutions and offer customisation of technology when appropriate.

Equipment customization

We design our equipment trying to accommodate the most important requirements, while we maintain a design flexibility that allows rapid customisation and minimum re-qualification effort.

Custom Equipment Design

We maintain both the skill-basis and the expertise in delivering custom designs that are able to meet extreme, or in some cases, just unusual specifications.

Qualification Support Services

ÅAC-Microtec has qualified multiple types of equipment and has developed appropriate processes, methodologies and partners for tackling this task