The unit is a versatile power and control unit.

The DPCU-1 unit is self-configuring, supporting electronic data sheets (xTEDS) and providing effective short-circuit protection of the main power bus by using latching current limiters (LCLs).

In addition, the unit has the function of a I2C hub. It is controlled though a separate I2C interface.

How to fit our products in your systems

The DPCU-1 is designed to be the interface between an OBC lite (or any I2C unit) and several other units, for instance µRTUs and nano RTUs.

The role is similar to a USB hub, distributing communication and power. Several DPCUs can be connected into the same system, if more interfaces than one DPCU-1 can provide are required.

It is supplied with a manual describing setup, programming and debugging as well as the different interfaces.

If preferred, all software, harnesses and mechanical interfaces for your design can be designed and supplied by ÅAC Microtec, using our experienced staff and supply chains.