RIA mass memory

The Mass memory 16GB unit is a rapid integration architecture (RIA) compatible subsystem which offers the user a fault tolerant 16 GB storage with 4 GB error detection and correction information (EDAC).

It is based on a FPGA with a 32-bit openRISC processor and provides USB and RS422/RS485 interfaces with DMA access to provide fast data transfers, as well as an I2C interface.

How to fit our products in your systems

The RIA mass memory can either act as a unit-specific memory, interfacing directly with the unit to store the produced data and forwarding it on request, or as a system memory.

Using a DPCU, several many mass memories can easily be integrated into the same system, increasing the total available memory capacity.

It is supplied with a manual describing setup, programming and debugging as well as the different interfaces.

If preferred, all software, harnesses and mechanical interfaces for your design can be designed and supplied by ÅAC Microtec, using our experienced staff and supply chains.