MPDU for TechEdSat-1 and TechEdSat-3p

The TechEdSat-1 project goal were to build a nano-satellite in a short time and demonstrate the use of the ÅAC rapid integration architecture (RIA) family of products in space. The 1U Cubesat (TechEdSat-1) was built in 6 months and then launched to ISS. It was deployed from ISS on Oct 4, 2012, and deorbited on May 5, 2013, after a successful mission. ÅAC supplied the main power distribution board.

The power design was later reused by NASA for the 3U CubeSat named TechEdSat-3p which was deployed from ISS on Nov 20, 2013. It tested an exo-brake to demonstrate a passive deorbiting mechanism.


  • 5 solar array string inputs. S3R regulation.
  • Battery voltage: 8.4 V
  • Output voltages: 5 V (max 3 A) and 12 V (max 2 A)
  • Protects the battery from deep discharge using an UVLO.
  • Protects the voltage generating circuitry with an LCL
  • Provides power switches to turn on and off payloads
  • Hosts a safe mode OBC
  • Provides an interface between the safe mode OBC and a 400 MHz safe mode radio modem
  • Provides circuitry so that the safe mode OBC can deploy two antennas
  • Provides a watchdog for the safe mode OBC
  • Dimensions: 1 U, H = 20 mm

Photo of TechEdSat-3p after deployment (Photo courtesy of NASA).